Many moons ago…

I created this blog over a year ago expecting to have my creative fire suddenly reignited due to being transplanted in Las Vegas.  Little did I know a change of pace in life isn’t the thing I needed in order to get in tune with my inner Kerouak.

I ended up falling into life down here (despite my kicking and screaming to accept the city of sin as my home) very easily & had no reason to journal my experiences.  I had a fun job, I was 21, I ended up finding a person who would end up consuming most of my free time – be it daydreaming or actually hanging out.

Well, well, well, motherfuckers.  Its time for us to rekindle our relationship as much as life is trying to rekindle my only form of artistic relief.  I’ve just recently had my entire world flipped upside down for what seems like the fiftieth time. You’d think muscle memory would have kicked in by now and I’d be able to hang, right? NO, bitch!  Its still no less shocking than the first time I found myself drowning only centimeters away from a life raft.

Once again, it feels like my comfort zone has taken the form of a tasty teriyaki & black pepper flavored slab of beef jerkey that has been ripped clean away from my grabby little  adult-baby hands and thrown to the howling wolves to consume joyfully while I’m forced to watch my life being digested and reprocessed into actual feces.

So.  Now that we’re both on the same page, I think I’ll let the emotional purging begin.  I’d inform y’all on my current situation, but since every post starting now ’til the unforseeable future will be more than likely about the same topic, I’d be ruining all the fun.


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