Unnecessary Explanations

I thought I’d move to LV and have a few weeks, or at least a few days, to dwell on my life being so vastly different than I ever expected while daydreaming about being 21.  And to write shitty melodramatic blog posts  and to chainsmoke Spirits and to miss the fuck out of my turf and all the magical souls who inhabit it.  But instead I got a job less than 24 hours after moving down here (but dont worry, my bad luck wasnt far behind after my car got side swiped and then the other party fled the scene before i could get a plate number. Day 2 in my new city hollaaaa!) so instead I’ve been swamped with work and sleeping and exploring this brand-new-to-me city.  Apparently I’ve been here for just shy of a month although it feels like a few days.

It’s shocking and scary to think I’m beginning to get comfortable with the idea that my “home” is just a place I’ll be visiting from now on & my roots have already begun replanting themselves here.  Going from a population of 250k to 2mil is still blowing my mind.  But in a good way.  I’ve never had the desire to re-invent myself but it is awful nice to go out in a city where people are actually attracted to my purple hair and septum ring.  But its even nicer to not have to run into anyone who feels the need to sit and talk and catch up before inevitably asking how i’m doing and then trying to convince that person that “no, really, I’m doing ok.” despite the tragic shit my life has been encompassed by over the past two years.




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